Easy Whitework Bookmark

by Martha Beth Lewis

General Information and Materials

size: 20 sts w x 80 st h; blank area in center may be lengthened or shorted, as desired

fabric: 28-count white or pale-colored evenweave is recommended, but 14-count aida will work, even for the pulled stitches; use a straight pin or a sharp needle to "open" the closely-packed threads for the in-between stitches for the eyelets, cushion stitches; cut fabric 9"x4"; as this is a small project, the edges may not need to be finished to prevent raveling

fiber: Marlitt 800 or substitute 6-strand embroidery floss (such as DMC blanc)
Pearl Cotton #8 white
Pearl Cotton #12 white

chart: each square is 2 threads of evenweave or one box of aida

finishing: finish with nun's stitch 2-4 threads from the stitching; fold back long edges and tack, fringing the top and bottom edges; hem; or finish in another way of your choice


Band 1: cross stitch with Marlitt (or floss), 2 strands

Band 2: Algerian Eye; #12 Pearl Cotton, 1 strand; first st only shown complete; others shown half-complete; substitute leviathan st if preferred

Band 3: same as Band 1

Band 4: cushion stitch; #12 Pearl Cotton, 1 strand; only three sts of the 7 are shown; fill in 4 more in the same direction, working these in the four blank areas next to the 3 lines; I'm sorry that my software won't let me graph them all

Band 5: 4-sided stitch, pulled; #8 Pearl Cotton, 1 strand

Band 6: Smyrna cross; #8 Pearl Cotton, 1 strand

Band 7: same as Band 5

Open area between the two segments of whitework may be used for initials or another motif, if desired.

Band 8: same as Band 5

Band 9: same as Band 6

Band 10: same as Band 5

Band 11: same as Band 4

Band 12: same as Band 1

Band 13: same as Band 2

Band 14: same as Band 1

copyright 1995, Martha Beth Lewis

You may print a copy of these instructions and accompanying chart for your personal use. They may not be kitted or sold. Nor may they be copied and distributed to others without prior permission. Contact me about non-profit use, as in an EGA newsletter or a Scout troop project.

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Last updated Feb.28, 1996.