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rec.crafts.textiles.needlework is the counted cross stitch newsgroup, a great place for all kinds of information from wonderful people. Other topics are discussed, too--Hardanger, pulled- and drawn-thread work, tatting, some knit and crochet, some lace-making, crewel, Bargello, and needlepoint--but it's mostly counted cross stitch and other counted-thread techniques.

General Information about Stitching

Note: I do not make even a feeble attempt at compiling a list of needlework links. Kathy Dyer (below) has done such an outstanding job, that anything I would attempt would be so pale in comparison as to be invisible! Therefore, please do not interpret the absence of many highly-regarded links as a statement that I don't think they're wonderful. They are. I just don't attempt to duplicate Kathy's stellar performance!

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Medieval/Renaissance Needlework

Where You Can Find Free Charts on the Net

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