Cake Mix for the Easy-Bake Oven

I think you can buy these mixes again, but for a long while, you couldn't. Here's a recipe for the chocolate cake. In any event, this is a whole lot cheaper than the "official" mixes!

6 t flour
4 t sugar
6 t milk
1/4 t baking power
1 t cocoa or Quik
3/4 t shortening (or oil, which is much easier to measure!)
pinch salt

Make 12-15 minutes. (That lightbulb doesn't put out many BTUs!)

Great for gifts or party favors. Mix dry ingredients in a [cute] container or bag, along with the instructions to add the milk and shortening/oil. Throw in a plastic mixing bowl, a plastic spoon, perhaps a set of plastic measuring spoons, and perhaps a hotpad. Now you've got party favors! Don't forget that boys like to cook, too!

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