My Duet Books

I have published two volumes of duets from Diabelli's Op. 149.

The primo is in five-finger position on C. That is, the RH thumb is on Middle C and the LH pinkie is on Small C (an octave lower). No eighth-notes are used. Nor are key signatures: flats and sharps show up as accidentals on all notes affected, not just the first one in the measure.

The primo uses no eighth-notes. I have doubled durations from the original so that quarter-notes are the smallest note values.

The no-eighth-notes and no-key-signatures make these books accessible to the student in the early months of study. They make "full-sounding" music very early.

The secondo is designed for a middle-intermediate student, particularly a parent who has studied but has not played in a while.

In addition to note-reading and ensemble development, students learn repeats, DC al Fine, DS al Fine, DC al Coda, Scherzo DC al Coda, and other common "map" notations. Of course, a variety of tempi and dynamics are included, too.

Students of all ages love these pieces, including hard-to-please teeagers and adults. I'll often hear a student "doodling" on one he has memorized. Others like to improvise a set of variation on a favorite one.

These duets make great recital pieces for those who have begun study only a little while before the performance, especially for teens and adults who don't want to seen as the beginners they are (though there is no shame in this because we all must start somewhere!).

Have your dealer contact ECS Publishing in Boston.

copyright 2003, Martha Beth Lewis, Ph.D.
Contact me for reprint permission.

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