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Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

This personality "indicator" is based on the work of Carl Jung. The Myers-Briggs indicator has been taken up by a number of people and transformed into lots of different "types," named such as animals, colors, and so on because the M-B names are not very forthcoming (INTJ, ESFP, etc.).

I have found the Myers-Briggs useful, not only as an insight into why I do what I do (or spouse/child/relative/friend does) but also as an insight into why students do what they do and how they prefer to learn. You might like to find your "type," too.

See also books by David Keirsey, but note that these are Jung's ideas; and that the personality inventory is the work of Isabel Myers-Briggs, not Keirsey, although his site leads you to believe that it is his work.

I also find it interesting to note what percent of the population is each type. For example, most university professors are INFJ (what a surprise), which is a small part of the population. Since people learn best with a teacher who is their type, usually the most successful college students are also INFJs.

In any event, I think you'll find quite a bit to "chew" on with the M-B.

  • a very foreshortened version of the Myers-Briggs type indicator
  • see also for interpretation
  • and for more interpretation
  • and also for people (real and fictional) who share your personality type; there is also a link to listservs for various personality types
  • yet more, including short, general descriptions of each type and links to more detailed descriptions (including an interesting graphic to show how the four inventory areas fit together in your type); also included in this expanded section is how each personality type deals with stress, how to grow, and so on
  • here's another site for taking the test online:
  • from the same site, here's a list of questions to determine type - - sort of a mini-version of the inventory:

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