When You're at Your Wits' End
with Practice Hassles

You can't get your child to practice! There are tantrums and door slamming. The child yells she wants to quit! Your child tells you he hates piano!

You want your child to be able to play the piano, but the hassle is getting too much for you. What to do?

Stay the course! You must make decisions for the child that he is not competent to make for himself.

Be a parent, not a friend. This takes guts.

Stay the course! This child cannot make this important decision for himself.

For what it's worth: I speak to many adults who say, "I took piano as a child. I gave my parents such a hard time that they let me quit. I'm sorry they did." Never have a met an adult who said, "I took piano as a child. My parents let me quit, and I'm glad they did. It's great not to be able to play Christmas music or to pick up a pop song and play it." Never have I heard this. Stay the course!

More information is available on this topic in my file on how to help kids practice. Look toward the middle and the end.

There are also numerous questions on this topic in my QA file for parents and students.

copyright 2009, Martha Beth Lewis, Ph.D.
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