Getting Rid of Skunk Scent

We all hope never to need a remedy of this sort, but in case you do, this one receives positive marks (whereas, a ketchup bath does not!)

4 c 3% hydrogen peroxide(H2O2)
1/4 c baking soda (CHNaO3)
1 t liquid dishwashihg soap (to break the surface tension of the hydrogen peroxide, not to create suds)
Mix and bathe dog in it. Rinse well. Repeat if necessary. Bathe as usual and rinse well.


1. This much will bathe a small dog or a cat. Double it for a medium-sized dog (such as a miniature poodle).

2. Don't make this in advance and store it against the day you'll need it. The hydrogen peroxide is a base, and baking soda reacts with it (baking soda reacts with acids and bases), so you're going to get CO2 and water as a result of the mix. If you make up a batch of this and store it, the CO2 will burst the container!

3. Hydrogen peroxide is readily available at pharmacies and drug stores. It does "expire" and deteriorate quickly when opened and/or exposed to light, so if you buy it, choose late expiration dates, a dark plastic or glass bottle, and expect it to lose its "oomph." If this mix doesn't foam, your hydrogen peroxide is old; get some more.

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