Paper Marbling with Shaving Cream

Spread shaving cream 1/2 - 1" thick on a jellyroll pan (cookie sheet with sides on it).

Drop on ink used for re-inking stamps. Or use some other non-water-sulable paints/inks.

Comb as desired.

Place card stock or paper on the prepared shaving cream, making sure there are no air bubbles (these places will not pick up the color).

Carfully, starting at a corner, peel up the paper.

Place face-up on paper towels.

With a rubber kitchen spatula, scrape off shaving cream and discard. This step reveals the pattern.

Set aside to dry. No need to rinse, as with standard marbling.

Comb again if desired and repeat.

You can get about 4 sheets per inking.

If shaving cream has not dried out, re-ink. Otherwise, start with fresh shaving cream and ink.

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Last updated February 2, 2002.