Are You Qualified to Teach at a National Show?

Acceptance by Regional or National Guild Seminars

Truth to tell, there is a lot of politics in who is chosen to teach, in my opinion. This may change, but this is my take on the current situation.

Therefore, if your proposal is not accepted, this is not necessarily an indictment of your artistic prowess.

Acceptance by National Commercial Festivals

If your proposals have been accepted, yes, your art is up to snuff.

The sponsoring organization thinks your work has a broad enough appeal to sell everywhere. Remember, their bottom line -is- the bottom line! If the festival doesn't make money, they won't keep doing it!

**They think you can make money for them.** If they thought your ideas and designs were dogs, they would not have hired you!

Please put your fears to rest! They have confidence in you, so *you* have confidence in you!!

Other Concerns
Because your art is considered good doesn't mean your teaching will be good. You'll need to learn (or hone) how to teach successfully because just knowing how to -do- something doesn't ensure that you can -teach- it.

And if you're new at making up kits and writing handouts, you'll have to investigate the how-tos of these aspects of teaching classes at the national level.

If you want to turn a profit, you'll need to learn to be canny about which classes you propose, how you structure them, and how you price them.

These things can be learned. With artistic talent under your belt, the rest of it can be acquired.

Don't worry! If you want to do this well, you can learn.

copyright 1999, Martha Beth Lewis
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