A Poodle and Composers

A guy and his dog walk into a bar. The guy says to the bartender, "This dog knows everything about music and can answer any question you have."

The bartender says, "You're nuts!"

The guy says, "Go ahead -- ask him something."

So the bartender says to the dog, "OK, who is the greatest contrapuntal composer of all time?"

The poodle replies, "Bach."

The bartender says, "Aw, c'mon. He's just barking. He doesn't know anything about composers."

The guy says, "Hey, ask him something else."

The bartender tries again. "OK, who was the greatest composer of Lieder of the late 19th century?"

The dog replies, "Wolf."

The bartender says, "This is ridiculous. He's just barking. Get lost!"

The guy says, "No, he's not. Go ahead. One more time. Ask him a question."

The bartender tries again. "Who was the greatest German composer between the two world wars?"

The poodle answers, "Orff."

The bartender says, "That does it!" and proceeds to toss the guy and his poodle out of the bar, out on the sidewalk on their behinds.

The poodle looks at the guy and says, "Should I have said Hindemith?"

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