Instant Ice Cream

This really is instant ice cream! It's based on a Martha Stewart recipe (so you know it's going to be delicious!), and it uses the food processor. Three ingredients. No ice. No churning. Easy-peasy.

It comes out of the food processor like soft-serve ice cream. If you want it stiffer, freeze it in a covered container for two hours.

This so easy! There's no need to take it out, beat it to remove the ice crystals, put it back in the freezer, beat it again, and so on. Let's face it: that hassle is one reason people don't make their own ice creams. That and the ice cream freezer salt-and-ice mess!

Strawberry Instant Ice Cream

10-oz. package sliced strawberries, still frozen
1/2 c sugar
2/3 c heavy cream

Combine sugar and berries in food processor. Process until fruit is roughly chopped. With the processor running, slowly pour in heavy cream until fully incorporated. Serve immediately or freeze in a covered container.


1. Do NOT use frozen whole berries. There is no harder substance known to man; they are harder than ice cubes; your blender or food processor will seize up.

2. Do NOT use more than 2/3 c of the cream. It will be so rich you cannot stand to eat it because the mouth feel will be too "fatty" and will create a scum on the roof of your mouth. I know; you will have 1/3 c leftover. Do not use it in the ice cream; instead, add milk or water to make 1/2 c and make this marvelous Italian sausage with onions and bell peppers to serve over pasta. Yum!

Raspberry Instant Ice Cream

Same, but substitute raspberries. (Do not try to de-seed.)

Pear Instant Ice Cream

Drain a one-pound can of pears; slice; and freeze individually on a cookie sheet. Use 1/4 c sugar and light (not heavy) cream.

Mixed Fruit Instant Ice Cream

Combine the equivalent of 10 oz. various fruits, sliced (not whole): peaches, pineapple, mango, strawberries, etc.

Throw in a handful of fresh mint (about 1/4 c), if you like.

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