Importance of a Studio Policy

Not only should you have a studio policy, but it should be in written form.

It shows students that you have thought about how to run your business and have formulated it so clearly that you have been able to set it down in writing.

It tells students what to expect.

It tells them how you will deal with problems, such as late tuition payments or lessons which need to be made up because of illness.

In the case of disagreements (such as whether a lesson will be made up or the tuition forfeited), make reference to your studio policy to enforce your rules. Your studio policies are sort of like a Supreme Court. Your studio policy also means that you will deal with everyone equitably and show no favoritism.

Having a precise studio policy is a distinct -benefit- to students, not a disadvantage. Otherwise, joining your studio is like buying "a pig in a poke," so to speak.

copyright 1998, Martha Beth Lewis, Ph.D.
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