How to Bow at Your Recital

Walk to the instrument. Audience will clap briefly to acknowledge their pleasurable anticipation of your coming performance. Nod to acknowledge their applause. Smile! (Ok, try not to frown!)

Sit down and adjust bench. Take as long as you need to to get the correct height and distance from the keyboard.

Collect your thoughts for a few moments.

Play in the tempo you have just set.

After the piece is complete, keep your hands at the keyboard for a count of 10. Next, pick up your hands (and foot from pedal at the same time, if applicable). Then stand up. (Stop the music. Move your hands. Stand up. is the summary.)

When you stand, audience will clap again. Bow from the waist, counting to three as you look at your toes.

If the audience is still clapping, take another bow. You deserve it!

If you have another piece, be seated and repeat this process.

If not, smile and walk off the stage.

If you use music, here are the added steps:

copyright 2002, Martha Beth Lewis, Ph.D.
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