the Importance of Fluency

I am a firm believer in good note-reading skills. Without fluency, everything is so much more difficult!

Undertaking a new piece is a real chore because poor note-reading offers stumbling blocks at every turn. (This is probably one of the most common reasons why students stop study: it's just so difficult to learn new music that frustration levels are extremely high.) Picking up social music (pop sheets, hymns, duets, etc.) is virtually impossible, again because reading is such a chore that it's no fun to play this music. Other areas of musical interest can't reasonably be added to the lesson assignment because learning to read them is so taxing that there's not time to do that and learn the main repertoire, also.

In short, the student fails to reap one of the prime benefits of piano study: having a great time at the piano!

Solve this problem with an organized program of sight- reading.

copyright 1966, Martha Beth Lewis, Ph.D.
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