Coffee Mocha

I especially like a cup of this when I'm paying bills! Makes me feel a little better about it!

We have a tradition of starting out a trip with a cup of fancy coffee. If we want to start by making a stop, fine, but usually we take along a cup of homemade mocha. It's a way of saying to ourselves, "We're on the way to something fun."

Adjust the sugar and Quik, depending on your taste.

2 heapting coffee-spoons sugar (I like the unbleached kind, for some reason)
1 coffee-spoons instant coffee
2 heaping coffee-spoons non-dairy creamer
2 heaping coffee-spoons Nestle's Quik chocolate milk/cocoa mix

Add hot water. I use a 16-oz. mug. You do the math for whatever size mug/cup you use!

By "coffee-spoons," I mean the size spoon you use when you make coffee, not the usual kitchen measuring-teaspoon.

Top with a good squirt of whipped cream. (I use the aerosol canned kind. Chocolate waits patiently for his dime-sized share.)

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