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George Rupp's Freeware Celestial Navigation Programs


In the interest of maintaining and supporting the art of Celestial Navigation, I make the following offer of freeware.

I have written celestial navigation programs that I tailored to my own methods and capabilities. They are for IBM compatibles with Dos 3.1 or later. They may be used in Windows but only under File manager for 3.x or Explorer for 95.

Here they are:

1. Planning: This program gives all the information on the sun, moon, 57 navigational stars, 4 planets as presented in the Nautical Almanac for any date, place, and time. You also may get a listing of the visible stars and planets at any time for your geographical position with their Hc's and Zn's. It has a star and planet finder capability for 300 stars of magnitude 3.5 or greater if you can input the Hs within 1 degree and Azimuth within 30 degrees.

2. Sky Charts: Presents the sky as seen from any position or time in North or South Polar as well as an equatorial charts. Your position is also plotted.

3. Single LOPs for known bodies or up to 3-star fixes when known bodies are entered.

4. Single LOPs for unknown bodies entered as Hs and Azimuth.

My only goal at the moment is to attempt to help keep alive interest in the art of celestial navigation.

The only caveats are that you may not modify the programs nor sell them. Also, I am not responsible for their use should you come to grief for any reason. These are the usual caveats for software.

Read installation instructions and download the programs.

Email me if you have questions at

George Rupp

copyright 1996-2001

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