Birthstone and Flowers
Associated with Birth Months

It's fun to make a tiny band sampler for yourself, a friend, or new baby, using the birthstone and the flower associated with that month. As I have a short memory, I'm always looking for the list of which goes with which month. You, too? Ok, now we're both set!

As far as I can tell, this is the old-fashioned, traditional list.

Gem and Flower for Birth Months

January - garnet; carnation
February - amethyst; violet
March - aquamarine or bloodstone; jonquil
April - diamond; sweet pea
May - emerald; lily of the valley
June - pearl, moonstone, alexandrite, or agate; rose
July - ruby; larkspur
August - peridot or sardonyx; gladiolus
September - sapphire or sardonyx, aster
October - opal or pink tourmaline; calendula or marigold
November - topaz or citrine; chrysanthemum
December - turquoise, blue zircon, tanzanite, blue topaz, or lapis lazuli; narcissus or zinnia

Gem for Birth Weekday

There is also a gem associated with the day of the week on which a person was born.

Sunday - topaz, diamond
Monday - pearl, crystal
Tuesday - ruby, emerald
Wednesday - amethyst, lodestone
Thursday - sapphire, carnelian
Friday - emerald, tiger's eye (not the same as cat's eye)
Saturday - turquoise, diamond

Here's a site that has a large number of unusual birthstone jewels/flowers (we're talking stuff like ayurvedic, planetary, and ancient Arabic).


Gem and Zodiacal Sign

It will come as no surprise that there is a gem associated with a zodiacal sign! (I leave it to you to find the "range" of date for each of these.)

Aries - bloodstone
Taurus - sapphire
Gemini - agate
Cancer - emerald
Leo - onyx
Virgo - carnelian
Libra - chrysoberyl (not the same as beryl)
Scorpio - beryl
Sagittarius - topaz
Capricorn - ruby
Aquarius - garnet
Pisces - amethyst

You also might be interested in the jewels associated with anniversaries. This file also lists flowers and traditional gift-types for which anniversary.

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