Béarnaise and Hollandaise Sauces
Made in the Blender

This is a variant from Julia Child's first cookbook (so you know it's good), but no, you don't have to put a bowl of egg yolks over a saucepan of warm water and use a whisk. This blender method is wonderful and quick! Therefore I recommend it!

In a saucepan (though I've used a skillet and even a crepe pan), boil togehter:

1/4 c vinegar (I use wine vinegar; type doesn’t matter, in my opinion)
1/4 c white wine
1 T minced green onion (use white part first - - or get fancy and use a shallot)
1 T tarragon (I use dried. If you use fresh, start with 1/2 T)

Boil until about 2 t remain. (More than 1 T [3 t] will result in a thin sauce.) Don't let the solids burn! Pour through fine sieve, throwing out the solids. I usually set the sieve directly over the blender jar (with blade assembly in place, of course). Press solids with a spoon to squeeze out all of the infusion.

When cooled (about 10 minutes - - though the infusion can wait as long as needed), add and whir:

3 egg yolks

Melt 2 sticks butter (1 c melted). I use 1 stick and top up with olive oil. I've never used straight olive oil, but why not? While melting, be careful not to splatter it all over the microwave! I melt it in 10-second pulses ahead of time and "hold" it on power setting 1. It's nice and warm and creates a warm sauce.

Don't make sauce with melted butter that's cooled down! Must be very warm or hot.

Dribble in hot melted butter/oil. This is the tricky bit: add the hot butter in droplets until you have about 3 T added. Then you can progress to a thin stream. Continue in this way until you hear the blender "change speeds." This means the emulsion of the egg yolks and butter has been made, and you can pour in the rest of the butter slowly (as opposed to upending the measuring cup).



To make hollandaise, skip the infusion and put 2 T lemon juice (I use - - gasp! - - bottled lemon juice, and it works fine) in the blender jar. But why make plain old hollandaise when béarnaise is so much better and just as easy?!


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