Partial Stitches and Stitching "Over One" on Aida Cloth

Partial Stitches

One of the complaints frequently lobbed at using aida is that it's difficult to get the quarter and three- quarter stitches to look nice. The problem is sinking the needle in the center of the thread convergence. You really have to poke hard sometimes to pierce the fabric. And sometimes you get your finger, too--at least *I* do!

Another problem is centering that poke. If you look at aida you'll see that there are usually 4 threads vertically and 4 horizontally (these are warp and woof or Worf and Spock or something!). Anyway, you want to sink your needle in the exact center of these threads to make your partial stitches look nice.

Sometimes you can get your needle through easily and in just the right place. Sometimes you can't. If so, take a regular needle (the sharp, pointy, "dangerous" kind) and pass it completely through the fabric in the place you want your stitch to be. This opens up the threads of the aida enough for you to insert your tapestry needle. (A long straight pin works, too. I actually prefer one because I can grasp the head well and wiggle it around in the hole to open it even further if needed.).

Over One

"Over one" on aida is just an extended version of the above: it is the equivalent of four quarter-sts in one chart square. It's especially important that these stitches converge in the exact center of the aida "box." Rather than take a chance with this situation, I always pave the way in the aida.

copyright 1996, Martha Beth Lewis
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