My Christmas Books

Employing the principles which illustrate what I think every beginner needs in her music, over the years I arranged many Christmas songs and sorted them into early (3-6 months), middle (6-12), and advanced (12-18) beginner stages. These available from your music seller:

"Christmas Carols at the Piano" - early - melody divided between the hands (small f to g': middle C position) - Summy-Birchard
"Christmas at the Piano - Early Beginner" - early - most two-handed playing (small f to g': middle C position) - ECS Publishing
"Christmas at the Piano - Middle Beginner" - middle - two-handed playing (small c to c'': C position) - ECS Publishing
"Christmas at the Piano - Advanced Beginner" - advanced - two handed playing (Great C to c''') - ECS Publishing

This material uses no eighth-notes and guarantees Christmas is as fun for the teacher as the student.

Also available are two books of duet arrangements from Anton Diabelli's Op. 149. The primo is written with nothing smaller than quarter-notes, and the secondo is written for the parent who has studied in the past and retains some skills (intermediate level).

copyright 1998, Martha Beth Lewis, Ph.D.
Contact me for reprint permission.

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